Our programs.

Enabling the future programs.

At Jitoleze foundation we pay attention to the young generation, we believe these are the leaders of today and not tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. We reach out to school pupils and students to talk to them about life, career paths, entrepreneurship and mentor them in their respective strength areas. 

“We would have the best actor Hollywood ever had if only we gave some time to the local drama Crew, someone would be the best author the world ever dreamt of,  if he/she just took a pen and a paper and jointed a few words, it is always about giving life a try.’’-Odhiambo Clide (Executive Director)

Livelihoods program. (Jikobowe).


We reach out to the youths and the general community to empower the underprivileged with lifelong skills in urban gardening, mushroom, arts and crafts and nurture their start ups to see them grow bigger. We use the necessary means through print and other media platforms to reach out to our actual beneficiaries in the remote areas of Eastern Uganda in general and Busia district in specific.



2016 collaboration

In 2016, we partnered with Educate! Uganda, a non government organization that empowers young leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa to train over 20 trainers of Trainees in Busia district in facilitation skills, entrepreneurship and 21st Century Skills.

We trained youths in mushroom growing and offered a motivational talk at the youth camp organized by Alliance for Sustainable Health and Wealth in Africa (ASHWA) Uganda.

2017 collaboration


Together with Busia Municipal Council we organized the first ever cultural gala in Busia district under the theme, “creating awareness of youth unemployment, strategizing on possible remedies” which earned us the Mayor’s recognition as the best Community-based Organization in Busia Municipality in 2017 and the cultural declared an annual event incorporated in the Busia Municipal calendar.  

In partnership with the Busia Municipal Scouts Council Jitoleze foundation organized a youth boot camp for the youths in Eastern Uganda. The participants were empowered the in urban gardening, life skills and skills of leading oneself and one another.

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